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Spring into Summer Show favorites selected

Visitors at the recent reception selected five of their favorite reception artwork by ballot. The five selected artists were recognized with a “Show Favorites” award and $50 in honor of their selectionCongratulations go to:
Brian Heritage, for “Blue Cow” wooden relief wall sculpture,

Howard Crosslen for “Dressed for Work” in acrylic,

Carole Anne Jellico for “Gypsy Magic” mixed media watercolor

Benjamin Anderson for “Ballerina in Black & White” charcoal

Edward Hansen for “Beaver Pond” in oils.

Art in the Park Logo Design Winner - Amanda Ortiz

Amanda M. Ortiz was selected as the winner of the logo design competition. The Ortiz design was selected from several local and Denver metro and front range challengersThe logo selected will be utilized as a recognizable design in marketing the 2017
Art in the Park FestivalOrtiz received a cash award for the selection.

As a Brighton based artist, Ortiz specializes in whimsical art and design. She specializes in dynamic image making that is created with traditional and digital methods. She recently began her own creative product brand called Amorarts Creative. Ortiz has also shown her works locally in the 2016 Eye for Arts Summer of Dimensions Show and is a registered Eye for Art artist. Follow her creative journey on her blog, or on Instagram and see her work this year at Art in the Park on June 24.  

Art in the Park Event
June 24, 2017 - Check Art in the Park Event Pages

Ballerina in Black & White Benjamin Anderson

Ballet 22 x26 Anderson

Beaver Pond - Edward Hansen

Beaver Pond 24x28 hansen