Eye for Art - Show Videos & Catolog

To view more information on shows click below. Please turn on your sound for the musical portion of the Videos: (Please give both the video and the brochure several moments to load.) 

Current Show Video & Catalog

Show #18 Best of Times Catalog
Show #18 Best of Times Video

Past Show Videos


how #17 Holiday Seasons Catalog

Show #17 Holiday Seasons Video

Show #16 Many Shades of Summer Video
Show #16 Many Shades of Summer Catalog

Show #15 Spring Enchantment Video 
Show #15 Spring Enchantment Catalog
Show #14 Holiday Sensations  Video
Show #13 Summer of Dimensions Video (2015)
Show #12 Spring into Color Video (2015)
Show #11 Holiday Sizzle Video (2014-2015)
Show 10 Tantalizing Summer Perspectives Video  (2014)
Show #9 Fascinating Visions - Video (2014)    

Show #8 Moments to Remember Holiday Video (2013-2014)
Show #7 Summer Never Ends in a Summer of Dreams (2013)  
Show #3 Moments in Time - 125 Years  (2012)