Brighton has a strong heritage in farming and ranching, as well as great depth in natural and organic foods, craft beverages & foods. Innovation and the determination to succeed continue to define Brighton’s food and agriculture industry, which has persevered since the first pioneers settled the area.

Our citizens continue to praise the diverse agricultural and food. Brighton area agriculture contributes to state of Colorado’s more than $5 billion dollars in economic output annually. As we hear of the successes of our farms exporting we recognize we are a major driver of the industry.  Brighton & Adams County are very proud.  

8 Great Reasons to Buy Local!

Better for you.  Better for all.

Enjoy Seasonal Diversity
From the Field to Your Fridge
Savor the Flavor
Support the Local Economy
Learn About Your Food
Preserve Our Heritage
Invest in the Future
Preserve Open Space and Wildlife Habitat
  1. Local
  2. State